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50% OFF all Kimonos, Haoris and Indian Clothing

silk kimono fabrics
Silk Kimono Fabrics
100's to choose from. Use for
artwork, quilting, sewing.

24K gold silk thread
24K GOLD Silk Thread
Silk thread is available in silver, rainbow, and assorted colors

silk bolts
Silk Fabric Bolts
Japanese silk fabric bolts, some hand embroidered, handpainted

Handcrafted & Trade Beads
African trade beads; old handcrafted trade beads out of bone, glass, metal, stone, shell

cuff bracelets
Extraordinary Jewelry
Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets,
and Brooches

african art
African Artifacts
Masks, Headdresses, Statues,
and more

Textiles & Tapestries
Tapestries made from vintage saris

Japanese Silk Obis
Japanese silk fabric obis, many hand embroidered & handpainted; some 100 years old.

Carved & Picture Stones
Carved stones, carved jade, picture stones...

GO SHOPPING! We feature jewelry, original art, JAPANESE ART, AFRICAN ARTIFACTS, and more!

Please note: We do our best to keep our website current but in some instances listed items have been sold.

50% OFF all Kimonos, Haoris and Indian Clothing